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Most memorable moments, Morocco

Lately, I have been wanting to start putting together the photos I took in all the trips I made during my Ph.D. It’s fascinating how time flies, how many vacations I took, and how I didn’t have time to put them on my own website. I have been so busy with my academic life. Now, it’s time to clear up this unfinished work.

I would like to start this gallery-gathering series with the trip from Morocco in December 2017. It’s one of the rare 10-out-of-10-trip for us, and I hope the photos below sufficiently demonstrate a glimpse of how heavenly the trip actually was, especially for an amateur landscape and life photographer such as myself.

We will continue this series with other past trips after my amazing 2015-2016 Raja Ampat trip, which you can take a peek here. The series is not necessarily ordered chronologically but rather give you the random snapshots of my amazing encounter with nature and life.

Please enjoy!